Company Profile

      Colorfly aims at the research, production and sales of printing materials. It owns a complete selling system, ink-providing and inventing system, and testing and device-producing system at home with its products sold in more than 20 countries and nations. It also has experienced producers and managers. The vast workplaces and labs are as large as 10 thousand quarter meters with products like professional ink-producing, providing, cartridges, etc.
       We have been working for the ink-providing and advertising since 2002. During the 16 years, experiences for the using and producing of our products are accumulated. Our products are also famous for their good qualities. Subbrands like Lingsegui, Colorfly, Mo c ge, Suiyijia, Jintaiyang can meet with different needs and are reliable in the eyes of consumers at home and abroad.
       Basing on the experience of people in the past and looking ahead toward future, we will assimilate views of our consumers to produce better printing materials that meet with the needs of market.

All staff innovation

Respect for dreams



Add: No.997 Hengshan Street, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

Tel: 400-664-8099

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