01 / Product Quality Warranty

All sold hardware (excluding consumptive materials) are guaranteed to be replaced with new ones if there is a quality problem with 3 months and to be offered a free repair. A lifetime guarantee is provided (non-man-made causes).

03 / Field Service

As for problems that can’t be solved through hotline services, we will send a professional worker to you as soon as possible. Repair or replacement for broken parts of the products will also be judged.

We will offer a free training to managers and operators for cooperating schools. Our operators will be able to use the work system and handle troubleshooting when the training is over. Special training is also provided during field services.

04/ Free Training

02 / Hotline Services

All-day-long hotline service is provided to all our consumers to help them solve any problems they may meet with. The after-sale hotline number is 400-661-8099 (after-sale branch).


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Tel: 400-664-8099